Monday, November 07, 2005


Ok, so I mentioned that we're all living in this 'machine,' and I didn't really elaborate on what that means.

So, If you look throughout history, something in the past 50 years has changed, especially for those living in the developed world. I believe for the first time, an entire generation has been raised without concern for 'survival.' I don't know what else to say at this point, but think about it.

Your parents (the baby boomers) didn't grow up with air conditioning, video games, the Internet, and widespread TV media. And our generation is stranglely identified solely by our economic habits, especially our consumption habits. Isn't that strange? What are the implications of these things? Our we less social as a generation? Are we greedier and more self-centered with years of relatively easy lives (compared to the generations before us).

Right, we went to dinner the other night for my wife's birthday. We went to an Indian restaurant, which was a new experience for many. But at one end of the table, there were nothing but complaints, "Oh does it have 'curry' in it? I don't like 'curry." and some of their food was undercooked and even after it was fixed, many would not eat it. Generally, I felt like they were a bunch of whiners, but I can't really say that I'm not. They seemed picky, but I can't say that I'm not.

Picky? hmm


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