Monday, November 07, 2005

Come in, close the door.

So today, I realized that I am getting unreasonably stressed about my future, and more specifically my career situations. I am getting a token degree in communications, learning all sorts of interesting things even though I have no aspirations of finding a job in media or the like. I've decided that I can do grad school, or possibly a second undergrad, before kids come into the picture, etc. My recent considerations have been:

- Law School (be a lawyer, or something like it. 3 years of school)
- Nuclear Medicine (undergrad - 1 year of pre-reqs, then 2 years of school, if I get in)
- Nursing (undergrad - 18 months of school since I'll already have a degree) - already ruled out after talking to a nurse about her job
- Be a Cop, get a Masters in Criminal Justice (but I'm not all that interested in being shot, and no cop lives up to the ideals of the job, so I feel it would be a constant let-down by my coworkers)

Perhaps I am just watching too much T.V. lately. After watching an episode of "Grey's Anatomy," I'm all gung-ho about the medical stuff. After performing well on a test in class, I'm all for the Law School thing (or perhaps just the process of taking the LSAT). My current job is great, but it is less than satisfying, and I know that I can do better (in both my level of accomplishment at work and my financial rewards) but lack formal qualifications.

Deciding I needed to take a break and focus myself, I found an abandoned office, and shut the door to think. After a few minutes, I felt more centered, even though I accomplished nothing tangible. However I am beginning to realize that we often settle for mediocre tangible results instead of waiting for promises with much higher yields.


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