Friday, November 04, 2005

Eh Friday!

Well, This weekend is going to be loads of fun!
Tomorrow is my wife's b-day... hurray! Wishing her a good year of course! She's not the indecisive slacker that I am, but that's ok. That's why I call her my better half.

Anyway, I asked my brother-in-arms to join me on this not-quite-personal weblog (geez, i hate that word).

Today's Career Thought for the day:
I went to Sam's Club to get a cake for tomorrow. I sat down to eat a slice of cheese pizza, and watched people. I'm a people watcher. It's interesting to peek into their lives. One guy was buying a case of orange juice! You see families go by, or people with families, and you have to think: They seem to be working out just fine. Nice to know not everyone is a slacker.


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