Saturday, November 12, 2005

In my memory I wrote you down in ink

Wow, Spent the weekend at Winstock... absolutely fascinating.

Anyway, Let's endeavor to find solutions... Let's try to fix the machine.

Part of me wants so desperately to detach from this system, but deep down I know it's impossible and I like being a part of the larger system. It's just you wish that it wasn't breaking down, that the space between people wasn't getting larger, the field wasn't getting more competitive, and that people were not lonely, dejected, dispossessed, or alienated.

I tell you, there are people out there that have nothing, yet we worry about the latest cellphone, car, computer, purse, shoes, style, fashion, cuisine, and the list goes on and on. All while we're busy, consumer and obsessing about that we consume, people are suffering before us. It's a Siddhartha moment in a way. Unfortunately, that's a Buddhism reference, and for those who know the story, it makes sense.

Siddhartha Gautama was a prince, a prince who left the castle walls to find pain and suffering. In this, he determined that there must be a solution for suffering, so he meditated on it and thus Buddhism was born. Unfortunately, the parts of Buddhism that I've encountered in the Western world seem a perverse form of self-help. Self-centered basically. So, how is any other religion any better?

Most in actual practice are just as self centered, in some instances. Like you could say that it's all about extending one's own life, but that's a shallow shallow interpretation of what's at the core.

Look at the most misunderstood religions in the world, Christianity and Islam. I believe at Islam's core is the 'struggle' or jihad within yourself, to undo this conditioning and selfishness. However, it's extreme perversion and perhaps it's questionable foundation and it's evolution of Jewish traditions makes me believe it's foundless as a faith system.

I see God's interaction throughout human history as having a few KEY corrective moments, that's all the river of time really needs. All God needs to do is place is hand at the right points and we, by our very nature, take care of the rest. So, Moses pulled the Jews out of Egypt and formed his chosen people to bless the rest of the world through an extreme set of direct tests and interventions and punishments. I mean, who else is going to straighten out a society other than God? So, once the Jews started ignoring God and paying more attention to the law (it must be an ego thing, like look how good I am), God sent his Son. Again Corrective action... So Jesus was like, 'your priorities are all screwed up, the Kingdom isn't where you're looking, suckas.' Then, in another corrective action, gave himself up for sacrifice at the hands of Romans, there by telling his Father that the Law's eternal debt is paid and that these humans are worth saving, despite their flaws and weakness.

If one of us suddenly became as perfect as Jesus, think about how condescending and judgemental we would be? Instead, Jesus, the Son of God, gave His life for us, giving us eternal life. Chew on that a while.


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