Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's been a rough month

A couple days ago (Sunday to be exact), I got a call from my parents saying that my mom's brother had passed away. Actually, it was the third call of the night. The first was that my Uncle Ronnie may have had a 'mini-stroke' and he was admitted to the ICU (at that point they were packing up to leave). The next call was that he was in the ICU and that his heart may have stopped. The final, omninous call brought the news, which was not surprising at all. Things like this don't hit me hard initially, but this was the second death in a month and I'm not looking forward to any more.

Last night, I couldn't help think about Ronnie. He had a stroke nearly 10 years ago, and had not been the same since. He was always so happy, though. He was always happy to see you and would get upset if you didn't come see him. Oh, I can think of all the times my family 'didn't have time' to stop by and spend a few moments with him. To think of all those opportunities lost because we didn't have time, and it really hit me hard. Thinking about reaching my arms around him, and the times that I wasn't there too.

I think my generation is probably the saddest of them all, because we, at the influence of our baby boomer parents, may be losing site of what really matters. The quality of our social interactions is pitiful, we're greedy, selfish, and self-centered.

Through all of this, I hope to see Ronnie in heaven. That's all I really want right now, to see those gone before me again.


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